After purchasing the product the download link will be instantly available for you.
Below will be the files that will be included in your package.

For static designs:
You will get .png files you can edit using paint or other editors.
You will also get .psd files that you can edit on Photoshop.

.psd files have text layer that you can edit on Photoshop.
Example. you want to add a name for social media account on Banners.

You also get a blank copy without any text or icons that you can edit.

Other Designs that only have a .png copy
1. Avatar
2. Sub Badges
3. Bit Badges

4. Sub Emotes

For animated designs:

You will get .webm files. You can add text using your respective stream software 

(Streamlab OBS or OBS).

If you are having a text alignment issue you can refer to this link below.

For sound alert:
You will get 6 .wav files. 
Each sound file is corresponded to each alert.

1. Animated design cannot be customized.
2. The "DEMO" sound you hear on Sound Alert is a sample only for display. There will be no more "DEMO" sound on the original file that you will get after