Use the Stream Alerts Extension and you won't need external providers like Streamlabs or Streamelements anymore. Configure your alerts directly in the Twitch Dashboard. Choose from a handful of Free Alerts or use countless Premium Alerts by securing the cost-effective access to the extension here on the site.

Extension Setup:

    In the first step you only need to search and activate the Alert Extension. You can just use this link: 


    In order for the extension to be used effectively, you have to authenticate the use once, this is very fast and does not involve any risks 

Setting up the alerts:

    This process is very simple, select your design and save it .


    In the second step you can adjust the text of the events individually. We give you different variables, which you can use as you like. 

Here a few examples:  
%follower% doesn't follow you kappa² -> own3dtvolli doesn't follow you kappa² 
%viewer% donates %bits% -> own3dtv 
olli donates 500 Bits
It's important to know: 
    You can choose which events should be displayed, simply activate or deactivate the checkmark at the front.

Activate the extension:

    To activate your extension, you have to set it as an overlay: 

    At the dashboard you should see the following window: 

    More information about Premium Alerts, Guides and News can be found here: