This guide can only tell you on how to Live-Stream on Facebook with Streamlabs OBS. You must connect the user that you want to do a live-stream on Facebook. To create a live stream on Facebook:

    1. Go to
    2. Click Create Live Stream. (Red Box) 

    3. Choose where you want to post your live broadcast (Own Timeline, Group, or Events). This option can be seen on the left side         of the browser. 
    4. Select Enable persistent stream key if you want your stream key to be permanent. If this isn't selected, you won't be able to use         this stream key again after the stream ends. 

    5. Copy and paste the server URL and stream key or persistent stream key into the settings of your streaming software and start          the video stream from your encoder. A preview screen will appear. 

    To get to your streaming settings. Click the settings/gear box that is located on the upper right corner of the screen of your Streamlabs OBS.

The settings menu will now pop-up.     
    A. Click Stream on the left-side to setup the stream setting.     
    B. Click the Service drop-down menu and choose Facebook Live.     
    C. Now paste here the "Stream Key" we got earlier (Check above guide). 

You can also set it like this.     
    A. Click the Stream Type drop-down menu and choose "Custom Streaming Server"     
    B. Enter the server URL and the Persistent Key. Click Done 

    6. You also need to change the max video output.         
        A. Click Video Settings on the left side.         
        B. Click the Output drop down menu and choose 1280x720.         
        C. Click The Common FPS Value drop-down menu then choose 30. 

    7. Write a description, Title and Video Game tag on Facebook Stream Setup. You can see this on the left side of the browser. 
    8. Click Go Live or Schedule.