You just need to re-download the file. If the issue persist follow the step-by-step guide below. Go to your alert box settings to start customizing. To fix the issue we will customize it by enabling and using CSS. 

    After clicking enable a new box will pop-up (Check below). Then you need to click on CSS so we can start customizing it. 

    On the CSS box you need to look for words that's inside the red box (Check below).  The word we need to customize is show below.

    Okay, I will now explain what I change and what can it do. For the picture below you can see same picture but with two different words (Check below) to compare. I edit the word "padding" by adding "(-) Dash/Hyphen" then the word bottom and top.  What does it do, if you increase "padding-bottom: 20px" to "padding-bottom: 100px or any number that fits your design" it move the text up. So meanwhile increasing "padding-top: 20px" to "padding-top: 100px or any number that fits your design" it moves the text down. px means pixels used to customize. 

    Then you can save your new settings and try it out to check if the text align. Reminder: Do not change from -bottom to -up if you want to adjust the alignment. Just increase or decrease the "number on 20px" to your liking.  Don't worry if you feel like you got 
something wrong we have a fail safe button. 

Then save settings to reset all the CSS code.