Use of Modifier Keys 

    Is it hard to add text inside Overlays? Is your Webcam Source don't look fit to the Overlay? To help you with that I will now tell you about Modifier Keys. This hotkeys can help you edit your source to make it look good and professional. 

A. Shift Key - While holding this Hotkey it will disable the aspect ratio so you can freely make the shape except doing circles and triangles (^_^) and change the size of your source so you can fit it perfectly inside the Overlays. ex. Webcam Source. 
    On the picture below 1.) You can say that the source is inside the overlay but the symmetrical is already outside the Overlay. 2.) Now after holding shift key you have the freedom to size up or down your sources. As you can see it fitted perfectly and giving it a better quality. 

     B. Ctrl Key - While holding this hotkey it will disable the snapped feature. What snap does is it will automatically connect/attach your sources to the corner or side of another source. Disabling snap feature will give you a freedom to move your sources inside and sides of other sources. 

For an example. 
    1.) Do you see the word Magnet with a red box? Imagine that "Red Box" is the symmetrical size of Magnet. Snap feature will automatically attach your source if you move near it. 
     2.) By holding down Ctrl Key you can move it freely by disregarding the symmetrical sides of other sources.